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24時間警察 アメリカで黒人が殺害される映像 死亡事故編 YouTube動画015

24時間警察 アメリカで黒人が殺害される映像 死亡事故編 YouTube動画 松本人志 015

Baltimore, MDThe Baltimore Police Department has released the body cam video of an officer-involved shooting of an 18-year-old suspect, who was fatally shot by police just a day after
getting out of jail.

Curtis Jamal Deal 松本人志was shot and killed, as an officer felt their life was in danger after Deal reportedly pointed a gun at officers.

Baltimore police said officers spotted a vehicle driving erratically. One of the passengers eventually bailed 三又 又三 and took off down an alley. When an officer cut around in the other direction. Police said he came face-to-face with Deal, who was armed with a gun, but it does not appear the suspect fired.
Police say the officer fired seven shots, with Beal being hit four times.




【美女】ビキニの女性が像に投げ飛ばされる。ちょいエロ編 Youtube 動画014

【美女】ビキニの女性が像に投げ飛ばされる。ちょいエロ編 Youtube 動画 sasuke 014



“I went to Thailand with a group of friends after planning the trip for about 8 months. Elephants were my favorite animal.

Elephant things are all over my desk at work. I have elephant clothes and elephant kitchen sasuke tools.

So, going to the elephant sanctuary was supposed to be the highlight of my trip.

I was also planning on getting an elephant bamboo tattoo while I was in Thailand, which I definitely didn’t do after this experience. I went from loving elephants, to now being terrified of them.”


少女と警察のカーチェイス。衝撃の結末・・・ 死亡事故編 YouTube 動画014

少女と警察のカーチェイス。衝撃の結末・・・ 死亡事故編 YouTube 動画 Rizap 014


Lakeland, FL – A 15-year-old girl who was injured Tuesday when a police chase ended in a crash has died,Rizap.013

the Lakeland Police Department said.Police said Milaya Cooper of Plant City was taken to Orlando C.W.

Regional Medical Center after the crash, where she died.



【中国】 花火工場が出火、倉庫の花火が大変な事に!防犯カメラ編 YouTube 動画013

世界の交通事故集 YouTube 動画 kadokawa 013

Man ignites fireworks store

china, chinese, fire, rescue

A head is trod on. The fatal accident volume YouTube movie No.013.

The traffic accident collection of the world YouTube An animation kadokawa 013.
I don’t also make for slamming on the brakes. You tread on a head.


死角!全く気づかれずトラックに轢かれる。悲惨な死亡事故!!gmo 001

2016/12/19 に公開
【閲覧注意心臓の弱い方特に】死亡事故動画 – 情報まとめ

Blind spot! You don’t notice at all and are overridden by a truck. Miserable fatal accident! gmo 001

It’s opened to 2016/12/19.
[The person who has a weak reading careful heart, in particular] fatal accident animation – information summary





Pong and the crashed accident picture collection. It was good. I’m safe.

The accident collection which didn’t come to the important thing a drive recorder saw.
I didn’t get serious and it was good. It was good.